Sonoma man reportedly suffers third-degree burns after e-cigarette explosion

by Susana Guerrero, SFGATE

A Sonoma man reportedly suffered third-degree burns on his leg after an e-cigarette spare battery detonated inside his pants pocket.

Jason Clar, 42, says the accident happened while he was at his construction job. A whistling sound caught his attention moments before the spare battery exploded and burned his leg, Clar told ABC7 News reporter Dan Noyes.

“The damage was done, and all the skin on the back of my leg was missing, so I went to the emergency room as fast as I could,” Clar told ABC7.

Clar and his wife Kieawnie are considering filing for a lawsuit.

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It’s not the first time e-cigarettes have made headlines for allegedly causing injury.

Last year, a man sustained injuries after his e-cigarette exploded in his pant pockets while he shopped for a television in Anaheim, according to ABC7. The accident was caught on surveillance camera.

In February, a Texas man died from a massive stroke when the e-cigarette he was using burst and tore through his carotid artery, according to a report by CNN.

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