12 Best CBD Cigarettes to Order Online (sponsored)

A diagram of the cannabidiol molecule which was identified in 1940 and isolated in 1963.
A diagram of the cannabidiol molecule which was identified in 1940 and isolated in 1963.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret.  I used to smoke a lot of weed.

It’s 2020, who cares right? I’m a cannabis writer after all. 

Well, wait until you hear this: I also used to smoke cigarettes (gasp!)

Sometimes I’d even smoke weed and tobacco together. 

 ?“Excuse me while I light my spliff” ?

All that tobacco business went up in a puff of smoke when I discovered the wonderful world CBD cigarettes.

Today, I don’t smoke weed and I don’t smoke tobacco. 

Just kidding, I still smoke weed sometimes. But I don’t smoke cigarettes and that’s something I’m proud of. 

If you’re in the same boat, or in another boat, or maybe not even in a boat at all and just want to get a CBD cigarette between your beautiful fingers and spark that bad boy up, you’ve hit the jackpot. 

In this article, I’ll be giving you the top 12 CBD Cigarettes available for online order right now. 

Unlike tobacco, you can order CBD cigarettes over the internet,  right from your computer / phone / tablet / smart-fridge / whatever. 

They’ll be charioted across the city, direct to your door like a gift from the Greek Goddess Aphrodite. (Technically she was the Goddess of oregano but close enough right?) 

Point being, it’s amazing how easy it is to buy high quality, hemp CBD Cigarettes in 2020.

Let’s dive in. 

1. Daydreamer All-Natural Hemp Prerolls 7 Pack

Check out these Daydreamer CBD cigarettes from Lucy’s Prerolls for a product that smokes smoothly and smells amazing. 

Lucy’s CBD cigarettes are manufactured with proprietary technology adopted from top players in the cannabis industry. You’ll be impressed by the tightness of the roll and the quality of the slow-burning hemp paper. They’ve sourced their CBD hemp flower from fan-favorite California strains of cannabis achieving an unparalleled smoking experience. 

Lucy’s CBD never sprays their hemp flower with additives. In fact, even the hemp paper used is is 100% biodegradable. They also apply top-notch quality control, lab-testing their lab-test all their products to ensure their CBD flower is of the highest quality. Flavorful and aromatic, there’s a reason these are our most popular CBD cigarettes.

Buy Daydreamer CBD Cigarettes

2. Premium PRPL Fruity Hemp Cigarettes Pack 

You can’t go wrong with the PRPL hemp cigarettes from LVL. I’m a huge fan of the fruity flavor of these CBD cigarettes. They remind me of certain strains of kush. In fact, they taste so much like high-quality cannabis I’m a bit surprised when I don’t get super high smoking them. 

The flavor profile mixes grape, mango, and hints of strawberry yielding an almost tropical vibe. These are great if you’re looking for something with a mellow CBD yield but rich, potent taste and aroma. Many hemp cigarettes burn fairly fast but these burn with an even, uniform ember that is close to perfect. I highly recommend these CBD cigarettes

Buy PRPL Fruity CBD Cigarettes 

3. 1914 Kentucky Blue Sky Straight-Hemp-Cigarettes

Blue Dream marijuana is one of my favorite hybrid strains, so when I learned that Bhang based these Kentucky Blue Sky CBD cigarettes from a strain of Blue Dream I had to try them. I was not disappointed – you can’t miss the rich almost sugary aroma of Blue Dream. 

Blue Dream containing THC is often praised for its calm, anxiety-relieving effects. I found a similar experience with these Blue Sky Straights. There’s still a lot of mystery around the effects of certain cannabinoids, and although these contain no psychoactive compounds I still felt a bit well, “dreamy” smoking them. 

The quality of the roll also impressed me. These aren’t anything like the cheap, loose prerolls you may be used to seeing at certain dispensaries.  These look and feel exactly like traditional straight cigarettes. They are tightly and professionally rolled and even smoke a lot like a tobacco cigarette. Unlike tobacco cigarettes these CBD cigarettes aren’t addictive and taste – in my humble opinion – much, much better. 

If you’re looking to purchase in bulk these are also available by the carton. 

Buy 1914 Kentucky Blue Sky CBD Cigarette Pack

Buy 1914 Kentucky Blue Sky CBD Cigarette Carton

4.Menthol Rolls from Pure American Hemp 

Savor the familiar hint of mint with these menthol CBD cigarettes from American Hemp. Each pack contains 20, all-natural CBD straights in the form of King Sized 100mm cigarettes. 

The taste is refreshing and distinctly menthol and yet it also has the aroma of high-quality cannabis. It’s the best of so many worlds. You get to enjoy the taste of menthol while avoiding the negative health effects of tobacco and you receive the benefits of CBD without getting nailed to the floor by an intense high.  

These cigarettes are professionally made right here in the USA. All of the CBD hemp flower is organically grown on local, family farms. I was very impressed by every aspect of these CBD cigarettes.

Buy Menthol Rolls CBD Cigarettes

5. Mota GDP Straights Hemp Cigarette Pack from Bhang

GDP stands for Grand Daddy Purple, and if you’re an economist claiming it’s Gross Domestic Product then please stop reading my review. 

GDP is a classic cannabis strain. If you agree, you’ll be as excited as I was to learn that these CBD cigarettes from Bhang use GDP hemp flower. A domestic product to be sure, but very, very far from gross. 

I was blown away by the richness of the distinctive berry flavor of these GDP hemp cigarettes. These pre-rolls are THC and nicotine-free but the taste of Grand Daddy Purp is right there to savor. 

Stock up on a carton and share it with the whole crew. 

Buy Mota GDP CBD Cigarette Pack

Buy Mota GDP CBD Cigarette Carton

6. Emerald Full-Spectrum Hemp Pre-Roll -Toast CBD Products

A toast to Toast CBD. Toast CBD goes the extra mile with these high quality, full-spectrum CBD cigarettes. Full Spectrum CBD means the hemp flower contains the full entourage effect of cannabinoids existing in the natural hemp flower. CBD, CBG, and CBC blend together giving the consumer a truly unique and full-body experience.

In terms of taste, these are also very good. The hemp is clearly of premium variety and its aroma is pleasant and packed with flavor. These CBD cigarettes are a great option for social smokers who want to maintain a level head and receive the benefits of CBD. 

It’s also very convenient that Toast Emerald sells them in 3 different sizes: 2/pack, 5/pack, and 10/pack are all available for online order. 

Buy Emerald Full-Spectrum CBD Cigarette

7. Premium GRN Piney Hemp Cigarettes Pack

As a native of Northern California I’m very familiar with the scent of pine. The pine forests of the Sierra on a windy day may be one of my favorite all-time smells. These GRN Piney CBD Cigarettes put me right in those pine forests. 

There’s a rich, earthy flavor in the hemp flower and the burn is slow and even. There’s really not much more you could ask for in a CBD cigarette. If this isn’t the exact flavor you’re looking for don’t worry, there are two more delicious CBD cigarettes from LVL on this list.

Buy Premium GRN Piney CBD Cigarettes

8. Premium ORNG Citrus Hemp Cigarettes Pack

If you’re particular about taste, you can’t do much better than these. Transport yourself to the sunny orange groves of SoCal with this wonderful strain of CBD-heavy, THC-free cannabis. 

Orange and lime fuse to form the foundation of this potent CBD cigarette from LVL Hemp. The cousin of the GRN Piney, this citrusy CBD hemp flower is equally delicious. Careful breeding of this flower over generations has birthed a unique blend of naturally occurring terpenes to leave you feeling pleasant and serene.

A crisp citrusy strain like this would be an ideal candidate to freshen and soothe your body. 

Buy Premium ORNG Citrus CBD Cigarettes

9. Premium Hemp Cigarettes Multi-Pack GRN PRPL ORNG  

Check out all 3 varieties of CBD cigarettes from LVL hemp pick your favorite. LVL CBD cigarettes are grown using the highest quality California hemp flower. The cigarette paper itself is all-natural and yields a perfect, even burn with every drag. Top-notch filters top it off to ensure a smooth, highly enjoyable smoking experience without dampening the delicious taste of quality cannabis.  

This multi-pack contains

  • GRN Piney- Pine cones, pine branches, and earthy
  • ORNG Citrus – Citrus, lemon, orange, and lime
  • PRPL Fruity – Grape, strawberry, and mango

Guaranteed THC below 0.3% for legal hemp sales.

Buy Premium CBD CBD Cigarettes Multi-Pack  

10. ERB Durban Menthol Straights Hemp Pre-Roll Pack

Menthol brings a calming, cool mint to these ERB Durban Menthol Straight CBD Cigarettes. 

Made from hemp grown right here in the USA, these cool-flavored CBD cigarettes are a treat for the taste buds.  The sticky flower is finely ground and packed with high-quality CBD oil. A great alternative to tobacco menthols, these CBD menthols are a great way to enjoy the benefits of CBD and the pleasure of menthol together. 

Every ERB Durban Menthol Straight contains 25+ mg of CBD. Sold in both packs and cartons and available for online order right now.

Buy ERB Durban Menthol Straights CBD Cigarette Pack

Buy ERB  Durban Menthol Straights CBD Cigarette Carton

11. Filtered Pre-Roll – Kingsize Pack

Organically grown by expert family farmers in small-town Oregon the cannabis in these CBD cigarettes is excellent. Available in Clove and Lemon Haze flavors these are some of my favorite CBD cigarettes on this list. 

There’s a refinement that comes from smaller, local communities in rural America. Craft is passed down from generation to generation, and while modern methods are adopted, a personal touch, a secret recipe remains.

 1606 Original Hemp Pre-rolled Cigarettes are a testament to that legacy of small farmers and expert craftsmen. They smoke with an easy, slow burn that wafts a fragrant smoke. Each batch-specific QR code that can be scanned to quickly access the third-party lab test results. 

Buy Filtered CBD Cigarette – Kingsize Pack

Buy Filtered CBD Cigarettel Carton

12. Straight Pre-Rolls – Original

Keep it simple with these original pre rolled CBD cigarettes from Pure American Hemp. There’s a natural mildness to the flavor of these mild, straight CBD Cigarettes. 

This is top-shelf CBD cigarettes done right. These straight prerolls are pure and easy to smoke. A great choice for anyone – whether you’re trying CBD cigarettes for the first time, or if you’ve tried every product on this list, you can’t go wrong with Original. 

Each pack contains 20 All-Natural King Size 100mm CBD cigarettes.

Buy Original Straight CBD Cigarettes

All the CBD Products You’ll Ever Need

Whether you’re a CBD expert or a total amateur I’m confident you’ll find something on this list that floats your boat. CBD hemp cigarettes have made huge strides in both taste and quality to meet consumer demand. You may be surprised at how much these products have improved, in flavor, in price, and in quality. 

If you’re interested in trying CBD products other than smokables there are lots of options. 

Check out a selection of CBD edibles, CBD topicals , or CBD tinctures and sprays

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