The Best Cannabis Delivery Services of 2020 (sponsored)

Do you live in one of the States where marijuana is legal?

If so, you may not realize that delivery is no longer only for pizza and Chinese food. In these states, especially in California, cannabis delivery is a burgeoning industry.

Say what? Yes, if you didn’t know you can now order your weed through a delivery service the same way you order food and it will arrive in a timely fashion. What could be better than that?

Not all cannabis delivery service is the same. Read on to learn about the best cannabis delivery in California.

Purple Lotus

If you’re in San Jose or the Bay Area, Purple Lotus offers the best delivery for cannabis.

Founded by medical marijuana patients, Purple Lotus offers a selection of 50 of the most exotic strains found in California.

They deliver a full array of THC and CBD products like flower, oil, and edibles. One of the best aspects of this cannabis delivery service is that they accept orders online, by phone call, or by text.

All you need to sign up for their delivery service is a valid ID. To order, all you have to do is text a picture of your photo ID to verify, put in your order, and wait patiently.

After you complete your order, the delivery arrives in one to three hours.

If you’re in California and wonder what cannabis delivery service near me is the best, it is hard to go wrong with offers cannabis delivery to a wide range of California, from southern cities like Los Angeles all the way up to Sacramento.

Their menu offers a wide array of cannabis items like flower, pre-roll joints, vape cartridges, and edibles. Unlike other delivery services, teams with many different marijuana vendors. This means a great selection at a reasonable price.

Crystal Nugs

Do you live in Sacramento and need weed quickly? Look no further than Crystal Nugs.

This women-owned and operated delivery service not only offers a great product selection but offers free delivery for any order over 50 dollars.

The best perk? They deliver in Sacramento within the hour. Patronize Crystal Nugs if you need your weed, and need it fast.

Any delivery service, cannabis or otherwise, is about convenience. You can have products arrive at your home quickly without having to leave. Even more convenient is 24 hour service.

If you’re in Los Angeles and need a rapid 24-hour cannabis delivery service, is your best bet.

While Fastbud does not offer the same wide product range as other delivery services, they make up for it by offering 24-hour service with a half-hour delivery time. That means you can put in an order at four in the morning and receive it within the hour.


There are 779 cannabis strains. The difference in these strains can be hard to navigate even for the experienced marijuana user. Are you looking to branch out and try something new? TÖKR is the delivery service for you.

Rather than a traditional delivery service, TÖKR is an app that locates cannabis dispensaries in your area. Using this app, you have a plethora of deliverable marijuana products at your fingertips.

Some of the products they feature are cannabis sodas, curated cannabis product boxes, and a wide range of CBD.

If you’re in LA and wonder which cannabis delivery service near me has the most, TÖKR is your answer.

Whether you’re in search of medical cannabis delivery, or delivery for pleasure in the Los Angeles area, it’s hard to beat offers an impressive selection of flower and pre-rolls. What sets them apart from the rest is their selection of edible chocolate and teas.

They also sell dosage control tools to make sure you’re getting the exact dose of THC you need.


The old song says, if you’re going to San Francisco, be sure to wear flowers in your hair.

These days, if you’re going to San Francisco, make sure to have your flower delivered by Sava.

Founded by some of the leading women of the marijuana industry, Sava is a cannabis company committed to equity and well-being. They offer the finest quality, lab-tested marijuana ensured to meet your needs.

A great benefit for using Sava is the discount they offer to active military, seniors, and people on Social Security Disability.

Cali Xpress

If you’re looking to get stoned in the Bay Area, give Cali Express a try. This delivery service based in Oakland offers curbside delivery, and accepts cash payment as well as debit.

All you need to order is your cell phone and a photo ID verifying you are over the age of 21. After that, you can order whatever you like of their sensational product.

One aspect of Cali Xpress that sets them apart from their competition are their promotions. They often offer deals like 15 percent off a second ounce if you buy one ounce. They also sell other strains with rotating discounts.

The Best Cannabis Delivery

All over the United States in the places where marijuana is legal, cannabis delivery continues to expand as an industry. While California leads the way, delivery services in states like Massachusetts and Maine are not far behind.

When looking for the best cannabis delivery in California or anywhere else, there are a few things to keep in mind like product menu, speed of delivery, and sales. No matter which of these services you decide to use, you’ll no doubt find a bit of pleasure.

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