Night Out? Try Cannabis instead of Alcohol (sponsored)

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It’s no secret that people are tired of alcohol and understanding the damage that excess is doing to their livers.

But we are social creatures. We love to go out at night and get together, traditionally over alcohol. What are the healthy alternatives? In the Bay Area, kava lounges are popping up. Cannabis clubs aren’t open late enough to be comparable to a bar (one canna-dream, though).

Beyond that, where does one go for an alternative, alcohol-free evening?

I say BYOC. Bring Your Own Cannabis. That’s what I normally do, and even though it puts you on a different frequency and vibration than those on alcohol, it feels much healthier and controllable for me. I feel bubbly and fun, dance-y at times, and ready to crack great punny jokes at others.

AND I leave the social engagement when I feel tired and ready to, prioritizing my health and sleep. I wake up feeling refreshed, never with hangovers (if anything, a little high and happy from the night before). It’s pretty great.

Edibles, flower, vape pens. These have been the traditional ways I’ve kept up with my alcohol-drinking peers on a night out. It leaves me feeling cognizant and chill and happy, observing the party-goers from a different perspective and operating on a different wavelength. I become the ultimate witness of the party, and sometimes, it makes for a pretty hilarious evening.

And now, I discovered the perfect way to keep up with alcohol: through Cann. It’s a cannabis infused canned fizzy beverage that is higher on the CBD than THC. It feels like a nice, high, warm and fuzzy buzz. It offered me the experience of drinking out of a can (let’s face it, we like what we know), while giving me the ability to cheers and tap drinks with your fellow alcohol-drinking friends. It’s all about the community and comradery!

It’s just like fake veggie patty that mimics a burger, there’s something about the experience of drinking out of a can, especially if that’s what you’re familiar with in a social setting. Otherwise, you might end up drinking in addition to ingesting cannabis if your muscle memory craves that feeling of a liquid, cool beverage.

Cann is so delightful, fizzy, and makes me feel playful. You can instantly tell they care about infusing health with deliciousness in their flavors: Lemon Lavender, Grapefruit Rosemary, and Blood Orange Cardamom.

I’ve tried them all, and they are delicious.

Cann is so delicious that it deserves its own shout-out. It got me a really nice and comfortable high too, since it’s a nice ratio of more CBD to THC, it keeps me feeling relaxed and chill, settled in my body.

As more and more people start to see the importance of prioritizing their health above all, I predict a shift in the evening consumption culture as well.

I see a world where the new norm for a night out is at the cannabis club’s vape lounge, or at an art show sipping on CBD kombucha.

It’s 2020. It’s time for clear vision.

Join the cannabis and health revolution evolution!

Stephanie Zhu is a freelance writer covering the sectors of health & wellness, cannabis, and sustainability. She is also a healer, a massage therapist, and Reiki practitioner. Learn more about her at, and on Instagram as @themysticdreamer.