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High Times sale reactions; New Hampshire decrim; U.S. Cannabis Cup NorCal arrives

June 22, 2017
A detail of one of Grateful Dead legend Jerry Garcia's most famous guitars, Wolf
A detail of one of Grateful Dead legend Jerry Garcia's most famous guitars, Wolf

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High Times sale reactions: … Danko in Forbes: “It's up to us to let our core audience know we're not leaving them.” … Leafly has ‘Thirteen Classic High Times covers.

New Hampshire lawmakers voted to decriminalize small amounts of marijuana. Republican Gov. Chris Sununu says he plans to sign it.

California assemblyman Ed Chau introduced a bill to protect children from exposure to weed ads, but could unfairly single out newspapers. … "We might need some clarifying language to ensure that's not his intent and that it doesn't apply to newspapers but more toward the advertisers themselves,” says Jim Ewert of the California Newspaper Publishers Association.


The U.S. Cannabis Cup NorCal is here. Up to 25,000 expected.

BuzzFeed Blue: ‘I Tried Marijuana for My Chronic Pain’.

Legalization and regulation continues to chip in to Colorado, as 210 students from Pueblo County have received a combined $420,000 in scholarships taken from the county’s marijuana excise taxes.

San Diego Startup Week is coming this June, and now offers a track specifically for attendees on the cutting edge of the legal weed industry.

A new study finds that most parents don’t necessarily quit smoking weed after having kids, but instead will significantly cut back on use. … Researchers say it’s all cool, however: “When it comes to adults, we don’t know long-term consequences of moderate marijuana use in the legal context, so that we cannot say that we absolutely must intervene,” says lead author Marina Epstein.

Groovy baby: Jerry Garcia’s guitar -- affectionately named Wolf -- was just auctioned for over $1.9 million.

California needs to have more of these County Roundtables. … Related: Just the Information Technology component of regulating California cannabis is daunting.

Hitman Doug of Hitman Glass stopped by the Chronicle for a GreenState Facebook.LIVE on the world's biggest hash festival Chalice, the future of extracts, and why glass pipes can be so expensive.


I feel like we can do a whole book on the ‘should we stop using the word ‘marijuana? ’’ argument.

The Drug Czar’s office has a legal mandate resist legalization – a fundamentally unscientific provision. … “The bipartisan 1988 law that created the drug czar’s office declared that “the legalization of illegal drugs is an unconscionable surrender in the war on drugs.” A later measure reauthorizing the office stipulated that no federal funds be used to study the legalization of marijuana or other Schedule I drugs and that the office had to “oppose any attempt to legalize” cannabis.”


This Sunday in Berkeley at 1:45 p.m. at Cornerstone Bar.

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