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Colorado sales jump again; 'Today Show' covers tokin' moms; Jeremy Fish to unveil huge bronze; ..

April 25, 2017
Snoopacabre by J Fish
courtesy of Jeremy Fish
Snoopacabre by J Fish
SOURCE: courtesy of Jeremy Fish

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Colorado is making bank. Pot sales are up 30% from this time in 2016.

Activists returned to Washington, DC to support those arrested during 4/20’s ill-fated congressional pot giveaway. They were unfortunately arrested again.

The Today Show tackled moms who toke instead of pour wine.

The Los Angeles Times digs into California’s first state-certified cannabis pharmacy technician. … “She completed 2,000 hours of training — on safety, packaging, patient verification and best business practices — and was awarded her journeyman certificate by the California Apprenticeship Council of the state department of Industrial Relations.” ... Really, you need a year of training to budtend?


We’re all obsessed, obsessed by 4/20 event-related trash. If it’s Coachella, or an NFL game -- you don’t hear a peep.

California’s largest crowd-funded public bronze goes up in the Lower Haight district of San Francisco on Saturday -- made by the inimitable Jeremy Fish.

A GQ Magazine profile drove a cool NYC weed delivery service underground. … Meanwhile, some lames got licenses for the state’s second mmj delivery service launching last week.

A synthetic cannabinoid might have spurred the suicide of imprisoned murderer and former NFL star Aaron Hernandez.

What tastes better than Swiss chocolate? Swiss weed chocolate. A new move is being made to legalize in Switzerland because the, “ban is stupid.”


Legalizers at Yale University are hosting a marijuana legalization forum withConnecticut’s pot policy leaders.

Even the Houston Chronicle is dumping on Jeff Sessions’ drug war plans.

The idea that 'legalization will magically kill the black market' overnight is afoolish fallacy, says former Colorado Director of Marijuana Coordination, Andrew Freedman, who is contributing a series of columns to GreenState.com.


Two of NYPD’s finest were really proud of themselves. The internet was not impressed.

By contrast, that Philly 4/20 weed raid netted 50 pounds and 22 arrests.

According to the UK’s The Sun “newspaper,” eating chilli and smoking potwill cure your diabetes and colitis.

One city councilman in Oklahoma is going to great lengths to prove his innocence in a paraphernalia case and is bringing in the experts from Colorado who will, “ testify that the state's assertion that glass pipes are specifically designed and manufactured for use with only marijuana is false. He will demonstrate the proper use of glass pipes for smoking herbal blends, tobaccos, concentrated nicotine wax, and vaporizers."


Grand Theft Auto Online has gone retro with "Tiny Racers".

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[Art via Jeremy Fish]