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The biggest 420 of all time; D.C. activists jailed for shenanigans; Rohrabacher-Farr expires in seven days; …

June 19, 2017
David Downs SOURCE: David Downs

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San Francisco 4/20’d super-hard. No one got hurt. … But man, yesterday was long. I did KTVU, KQED, KGO, plus Purple Heart, Magnolia, and Hippie Hill. Debby Goldsberry called it the biggest 420 of all time.

In news that surprises absolutely no one, marijuana activists in D.C. werearrested for handing out free joints to congressional staff.

Fox News takes a look on the bright side of potheads annually ruining a fine mid-April day for Republicans. Conservative pot business owner Robin Hackett tells Fox “Democrats set marijuana free… [but] the Republicans will make an industry out of it.”

Scientific American takes a skeptical look at the entourage effect. … But the piece is missing some key science. Strains and the entourage effect are very real.

LOL. The state of New York beat Marin County to licensed medical pot deliveries

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Science: ‘Does weed cause a hangover?’ …

New York Times attends pot church in Colorado.

Rolling Stone on micro-dosing.

The massive Psychedelic Science 2017 conference got underway in Oakland.

In a display of selfless journalism, the Huffington Post dug deep to create an exhaustive list of all the deaths from pot overdoses in recorded human history: a big, fat goose egg.

Time picks up the pot DUIs plummet story.


MTV decodes the inherent bigotry surrounding marijuana prohibition, and posits that while legalization won’t necessarily end racism, it would serve as “a small and important F-U to the criminalization of people of color.”


Time Mag did a pot slang article. The world has gone mad.

Washington, D.C. is set to host the second annual (sound the horns)National Cannabis Festival. There’s just the small caveat that nobody is allowed to smoke weed.

The SacBee gets it backward on distribution. … “If growers can package and distribute their products, a few major players could dominate the business and would have no incentive to distribute cannabis grown by smaller farmers.” … Actually – the opposite. … Just ask craft brewers, who were choked out by distributor oligopolies for decades. … And cool it with the puns, Bee. This isn’t an SNL skit. Jesus.

Alex Jones. Ugh.


A potential government shutdown and the expiration of Rohrabacher-Farr. Good times. … Rep. Blumenauer “feels confident the amendment will be renewed.”

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