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North Dakota legalized medical -- North Dakota!; 'The New Yorker' on medibles; The 420 Golden Gate Park survival guide; ...

June 19, 2017
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North Dakota will soon be a medical marijuana state. Governor Burgum signed a bill Tuesday making dispensaries legal.

Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly walked back comments he’d made on “Meet The Press” saying marijuana was ‘not a factor’ in America’s War on Drugs. Of course.

Datapoint: Location service company Foursquare crunched the numbers on what businesses benefit from 420. Bars do just fine.

Datapoint #2: 200 kids are in Pennsylvania’s super-strict pediatric cannabinoids program. Think of how many out there are in states with no program.

The ‘edible made me do it’ defense failed in Colorado.


The Drug-Free America Foundation-backed medical marijuana bill banning smoking, eating, or vaping the medicine is flying through Florida’s state house. The DFAF’s founder was the co-chairman of Trump’s Florida election effort and inauguration.


San Francisco’s 420 in Golden Gate Park can be a lot of fun, or you can have a really bad time. So we made a survival guide to the newly permitted event. … Plus, the best related events around the Bay.

There’s drive-thru liquor stores in the South. And now there’s a drive-thru dispensary in Colorado.

Weed-flavored donuts debut in San Jose, CA. The folks at Guild Dispensary will be offering the world’s first terpene-infused donuts in collaboration with Psycho Donuts. The terpene profiles being used in the grand experiment include Sour Diesel, Skywalker OG, and Jack Herer.

Newsweek has your 420 TV guide. Viceland is lapping us all.

The New Yorker sat down with the Martha Stewart of Edibles.

Humblebrag: The New York Times chatted with us about the pot journalism game and the contents of my desk. 🙅


The New Orleans Times-Picayune asks, “How long until I can smoke pot everywhere?

Maybe the solution the the cannabis banking fiasco is the humble local credit union. … “Salal Credit Union, a $500 million Seattle-based institution catering to health care workers in Washington. ... has accepted accounts from 275 state-permitted marijuana businesses.”

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