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DEA stalling new pot research farms; Tiger Woods on trees; In-flight weed ad takes off

October 11, 2017
via @wiki_leaf on Instagram
via @wiki_leaf on Instagram
SOURCE: via @wiki_leaf on Instagram

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Good Morning.

The Justice Department is at odds with the DEA over cannabis research; via The Washington Post. The DEA is sitting on requests to add more research pot farms.

Tiger Woods was on a cocktail of drugs including cannabis when he was arrested May 29th for a DUI; via AP.


The website WikiLeaf claims they’ve spent around $20,000 to run in-flight pot advertising on planes flying out of SFO. WikiLeaf declined to tell us the air carrier.

The Massachusetts Medical Society has developed a medical cannabis training course for doctors; via WWLP.

U.S. Customs and Border Patrol made its most accurate pot estimate ever, calling the price of Mexican brick weed about $500 a pound. That’s only slightly inflated; via U.S. News.

Cannabis Now asks if buying a town is a stock stunt or they’re in it for the long game?

High-powered PR maven Hilary Morse is getting into the CBD products game with the new company Honest Hemp. . . . Look out, Jessica Alba.


From veterans to stay at home moms, The Oklahoman covers the folks pushing for medical marijuana in Oklahoma.

The Arkansas Department of Health has approved 534 medical marijuana applications from patients and 539 applications are pending; via NWA.

Commercial medical cannabis cultivation has commenced in Maryland; via Patch.

Cannabis oil sales in Ireland are picking up despite officials roadblocking a recent effort to expand the policy; via Marijuana.com.


The media is failing to competently cover cannabis health research; via AlterNet.

Breakfast cereal; via AZCentral.

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