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SMART bill dropped on Congress; Teen Vogue debunks cannabis myths; Fitch Ratings gives legalization a thumbs up;

October 11, 2017
Mason Trinca
The vegetarian tamale dish, left, with charred scallions and poblanos, mushrooms, Monterey jack, mole and their CBC infused chili and Hearts of Palm Aguachile dish with artichokes, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, roasted sweet potato, radish and corn photographed at Flourish Cannabis kitchen in San Francisco, Calif. Tuesday, August 8, 2017.
SOURCE: Mason Trinca

[art via SF Chronicle]

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State-legal cannabis users would be protected under the newly introduced SMART bill; via NORML. . . . A Quinnipiac poll found last week that 74 percent of Americans endorse respecting states’ rights with regard to cannabis policy.

Nevada has threatened to take the permits of any dispensary advertising any kind of public consumption; via AP.

San Francisco-based Meadow leads the pack of the Chronicle’s five startups to watch this week.

Will California’s pesticide regulations hurt the cannabis industry? via LA Weekly. . . . “They will be exceptionally difficult if not virtually impossible [to meet],” said Dr. Jeffrey Raber.

International market analysts Fitch Ratings rated cannabis legalization a ‘buy’ for states and the public. States see significant tax revenue and cost savings. Consumers save money, too.

From French Laundry to edibles, GreenState covers what’s probably the classiest cannabis infused food yet from chefs Domenique Garcia and Payton Curry’s new spot -- Cannavore. (pictured above)

Legal cannabis markets are trying to curb the amount of cannabis being smuggled out of their states; via AP. . . . “Marijuana has left Oregon for decades," rebutted Washington Rep. Earl Blumenauer. "What's different is that now we have better mechanisms to try to control it."

The World Health Organization will determine the level of control needed around cannabidiol (CBD) and 16 other substances in Geneva this fall; via Federal Register.

Despite the governor vetoing legalization, Vermont is getting a Hemp Festival. According to organizers, the invention of the platform scale came from the need to weigh hemp in the 1830s; via AP.

NBA commissioner Adam Silver is interested in taking a look at medical marijuana, but it’s not like they’re playing football; via Uproxx.

Teen Vogue debunked five leading cannabis myths.

Cannabis still hasn’t broken its stigma in wine country; via The North Bay Business Journal.


CNN reports on a review finding little evidence cannabis helps chronic pain, PTSD, studies find. . . . But the review fails to note evidence is missing because researchers are banned from studying plant cannabis.

Maybe the U.S. government should treat the end of cannabis prohibition like the end of alcohol prohibition -- by respecting states’ rights; via WaPo.

"Benefits of cannabis legalization as a harm reduction strategy appear likely to supplement gains from new revenues. States may see decreased public safety costs, including reduced arrests, prosecutions, and jail-time. Public health costs may also be positively impacted, notably by a decline in opioid abuse. Negative outcomes may become more apparent over time but appear likely to be less consequential than impacts from other legal substances, such as alcohol or tobacco."
-Stephen Walsh, Director, Fitch Ratings

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