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Study: Teen pot use is decreasing; U.S. Dept of Veterans Affairs revisits marijuana; Return of the cannabis K-cups

July 12, 2017
Marijuana club operator Marco Algorta is growing a strain known as "Colombian Red" in a rooftop greenhouse on June 22 in Montevideo, Uruguay, the world's first nation to fully legalize cannabis. MUST CREDIT: Photo by Nick Miroff for The Washington Post.

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The Senate Appropriations Committee will vote Thursday on a bill to allow U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs doctors to recommend medical cannabis.

The NYPD is still disproportionately enforcing marijuana laws against people of color. According to Vice: "black and Hispanic New Yorkers account for 87 percent of marijuana arrests under Mayor Bill de Blasio, even though blacks and Hispanics are just 42 percent of the population."

Uruguay is set to debut this month its revolutionary, state-run cannabis market with prices set at $1.30 gram. Buyers must get fingerprinted, however. “We see [fingerprinting] as something transitional that could disappear with time,” said human rights attorney Martín Fernández.

Another study concludes medical and recreational pot laws have not caused teen cannabis use to rise.

Woody Harrelson is walking back his claims of taking a tolerance break. He quit smoking pot, he says, but "you don’t have to smoke a brownie, dude."

Despite legalization, Washington DC pot arrests tripled last year as District police targeted public smokers.

Canadian rock band The Tragically Hip is investing in a pot farm. (Remember when bands would just start music labels?)

One of the world’s largest manufacturers of opiates, Tasmanian Alkaloids, got a license to grow cannabis in Australia.

Teen Vogue: "How Marijuana Helps Cancer Patients".

And a local deity in India has ordered closed the guest houses of Malana Village. Locals reportedly got hooked on the income from hash tourism.

ESPN’s 25 NFL predictions through 2020: #9) The marijuana policy will be changed within the next three years. ... Related: three former NFL players are attempting to open a dispensary in Cleveland.

World Series announcer Joe Buck admitted to passing out in a bar in Cabo after eating too many edibles.

Dr. Christopher Prince of Stevensville, Mich. says cannabis is safer than Tylenol or Aspirin: "Tylenol and aspirin, in my opinion, are two of the most lethal painkillers out there."

Former Gov. Jesse ‘The Body’ Ventura believes that if President Trump reverses marijuana legalization, it could cause another economic collapse.

In Liverpool, England officials have launched a “Use it? Lose it!” campaign threatening to evict cannabis users from public housing.

Keurig-compatible weed coffee is back in the news -- it’s a years-old modality with a new marketing budget. … Favorite comment: “Honestly it's a waste of money. Just smoke a blunt with your morning cup.”

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