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June 23, 2017
Liz Hafalia
High Gorgeous Cannabis Kiss Juicy Cherry Lip Balm on Wednesday, June 7, 2017, in San Francisco, Calif.
SOURCE: Liz Hafalia

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A new study in the American Journal of Public Health finds: “Three years after recreational marijuana legalization, changes in motor vehicle crash fatality rates for Washington and Colorado were not statistically different from those in similar states without recreational marijuana legalization.”

A poll released on Thursday finds 67 percent of American adults want the Trump administration to respect state pot laws.

Marijuana-related arrests in Washington DC have skyrocketed to roughly the same rate that the city saw before passing a legalization bill. The issue is a lack of a regulated system of retail sales. … "Until we have stores, this is something police – if they want to – can pursue and get lots and lots of arrests,” says legalization advocate Adam Eidinger.

VICE News reports some cannabis testing facilities are committing fraud alongside growers by providing inflated THC percentages.

California’s most prominent cannabis industry union organizer, Dan Rush, formerly of the United Food and Commercial Workers union, pled guilty to three felony federal charges in Oakland Wednesday, his attorney stated in a release.


Fresh on GreenState: California marijuana guide -- Day-tripping through Sacramento dispensaries.

A new survey finds that half of Americans don’t mind journalists using marijuana where legally permitted.

A Minnesota woman who credits marijuana in helping to kick an opioid painkiller addiction is set to open a cannabis-friendly fitness center in Colorado.

Rolling Stone profiles the six bipartisan senators working together to protect medical marijuana on a federal level with the CARERS Act. … "I think we shouldn't restrict research into any drugs looking for a potential health benefit," says Independent Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul.

While a handful of South American and Caribbean are reforming pot laws, Cuba won’t be joining that club any time soon. … "We have not legalized it, nor will we,” says Drugs Commission secretary Antonio Israel Ibarra.

In perhaps an industry first, Grammy-award winning reggae act Morgan Heritage has become a shareholder in Oakland delivery service Proper Rx.


Celebrity horticulture writer Ed Rosenthal will debut new book “Marijuana Harvest” -- co-authored by yours truly – this August.


Noted Bay Area activist Mickey Martin, has passed away.


One day after a Vermont legalization bill fizzled out, Gov. Phil Scott is calling for more scientific research. … "We need to address the issue of highway impairment," Scott told reporters at a Montpelier news conference. "It's coming to us. We can't put our heads in the sand. It's here, and we need to deal with it."

VICE: Ohio’s marijuana + fentanyl scare cannot be corroborated.

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