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October 20, 2017
Kiva Petra
courtesy of Kiva
Kiva Petra
SOURCE: courtesy of Kiva

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Good morning.

NPR reports that the ongoing wildfires in Northern California has affected the region’s legal cannabis farms more than the numerous wine vineyards adjacent: “The situation is more dire for the area's fledgling marijuana industry.” . . . GreenState continues to update its listings of relief efforts. . . . Cannabis editor David Downs ran down the issues on KQED’s Forum Thursday morning.

Maine’s conservative Gov. Paul LePage has proposed a bill to delay recreational sales until 2019; via AP.

We’re hearing the city of Berkeley, CA. finalized plans Tuesday to allow recreational cannabis sales at its medical dispensaries come Jan. 2.

Michigan’s state House overwhelmingly voted in favor of allowing medical marijuana patients to transport products in a motor vehicle; via Detroit News.

GreenState's Best Week Ever has what to watch, read, smoke and soak in this weekend — featuring Patton Oswalt, Melissa Etheridge, and products from High Gorgeous and Washington's North Coast Growers.

The New York Times advises how to respond when a teenage asks if a parent has ever smoked pot.

A study by RTI International finds that pot consumers in legal states seem to prefer edibles over smoking or vaping; via News & Observer.

California pot users can now indulge in the annual fall craze of the pumpkin spice flavor with THC-infused cookies; via Fortune.

Anyone in the Bay Area should check out the Dabs N Donuts tasting party this Saturday in the Mission District, which combines the region’s premium concentrates with treats from local favorite Bob’s Donuts.

Best wishes for a relaxing, rejuvenating weekend, david downs + oscar pascual

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