Weekend's Best: Mind Tricks S'mores; Malawi from Treehouse Collective; "The Frozen Wilds"

November 2, 2017
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Your weekend guide to cannabis culture | from the desk of cannabis editor David Downs

Good afternoon!

We’re getting ready to make some dry ice hash this weekend and we’re super excited.

Dry ice hash is where you mix cannabis trim and dry ice in a bucket and then sieve the super-cold shavings through a fine screen. The plant’s potent, microscopic resin glands, called trichomes, drop through the screen onto a clean surface like a piece of glass and voila — you have dry ice keef.

You can use this potent keef powder to punch up pipe bowls of flowers, roll it into extra-strong joints, bake with it — you name it. It’s so rewarding to take cannabis trim that’s otherwise destined for the trash and get even more value out of it.

All across North America, buds are finishing drying and curing in dark rooms and containers, and it’ll be time to make extracts in all manner of ways.

Over in fire-scarred Santa Rosa, Calif. — the rebuilding begins with an at-cost sale at major hydroponic store GrowGeneration this weekend. It's a great place to pick up half-off extraction supplies like bubble bags; and just one of many ongoing cannabis industry relief efforts we’re aggregating at GreenState.

Michael Salaman, co-founder and president of GrowGeneration stated in a release, “We want to revitalize and rebuild all the cultivators and home growers in Northern California and get them back where they belong – growing to their full potential.”

Here's to hoping you can maximize your potential — for productivity, relaxation, and connection — this weekend and through the entire holiday season. We’ll do our best to help at GreenState. — David Downs

Cannabis Industry Fire Relief Fundraiser. Monday, Nov. 6; 6:30 — 9 p.m.; Hyatt Vineyard Creek, Dry Creek Ballroom & Knight Valley Gardens; 170 Railroad Street in Santa Rosa, CA. Co-hosts of the event include Berkeley Patients Group, California Growers Association, CCIA-Sonoma County, Flow Kana, Harborside Health Center, SPARC and the Sonoma County Growers Alliance.

The major alcohol company behind Corona and Modelo beers has invested $190 million in the leading Canadian pot company Canopy Growth, and plans to create and distribute cannabis-infused beverages where it’s legal; via Cannabis Now. . . . A former Blackrock exec will lead a $250M funding round for Los Angeles-based canna-biz developers MedMen; via Bloomberg. . . . And San Francisco's Poseidon Asset Management launched a new $100M fund; via MJBizDaily.

Former NBA star Al Harrington recently sat down with retired NBA commissioner David Stern to discuss why the league should finally allow players to use medical cannabis.

The new lifestyle publication Gossamer intends to frame millennial cannabis culture through food, travel, and culture; via Business of Fashion.

Your trip through Ontario, Calif. airport won’t be the same after you see the TSA’s new “Cannabis Is Legal” security screening bins. Sponsored by Organa Brands, the bins reminds travelers to "Leave it in California.”

A new Stanford University study has found a link between cannabis use and increased sexual frequency; via GreenState.

STRAIN: The ultra-heady Malawi charges users up with a resin-coated sativa testing over a whopping 29 percent THC content. Available at the Treehouse Collective in Portland. EDIBLE: Enjoy a childhood favorite with an adult dose of THC with Bonfire S’mores made by Mind Tricks. Get yours at a dispensary near you. HARDWARE: Ornate and beautiful ceramic one-hitters, also known as “chillums” inlaid with 22k gold from Wanderingbud — maker of classy cannabis accessories for modern women. $38.

Washington cannabis sales tracking site Lemonhaze assigned a reviewer to try all the top-selling cannabis lubes on the market in the state. . . . “While this thin oil is not latex safe, the increase in pleasure is absolute and worth the experience even for lone play.”

Oakland “branded personality” The Dank Duchess wants to be the Anthony Bourdain of hash. For now, she’s making great extracts and writing about them while shattering gender norms; via GreenState.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has threatened to seize product from America’s most prominent seller of cannabidiol (CBD), The Stanley Brothers. It’s the latest round of brushback pitches from the FDA, who hopes to intimidate CBD sellers making medical claims. Those claims cannot be substantiated by the FDA, which generally cannot research cannabis, due to the federal drug war.

In a letter to the White House, vehement cannabis critic New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie equated cannabis liberalization with the start of the opioid epidemic.

You can't deny the comedic strength of “Bad Moms Christmas”; via The Chronicle.

Pastoral, primal and riveting — the action video game Horizon: Zero Dawn expands this week with “The Frozen Wilds”. In a post-apocalyptic Earth that’s returned to nature, you play as Aloy — a tribal outcast tasked with saving humanity from increasingly menacing, animal-inspired robots. The work of Amsterdam-based developers Guerilla Games is lauded for its richness, depth and a progressive, female protagonist.

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Best wishes for a relaxing, rewarding weekend, david downs + oscar pascual