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October 19, 2017
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Your weekend guide to cannabis culture | from the desk of cannabis editor David Downs

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Two things are sticking with me as California’s deadliest wildfires in modern history are put out. One is The Emerald Cup Organizer Tim Blake on the durability of the cannabis community:

“We’re resilient. We had our asses beat so many times with the federal raids, the robberies, crop failures. We’re tough people. We will survive and go on and we will support each other and find a way to do that.”

No doubt that will include The Emerald Cup this December, where Blake hopes to raise $100,000 in wildfire relief funds. Many other benefit auctions at the Cup are expected. As flames bore down on his event site in Santa Rosa and his office in Willits last week, Blake didn’t know if there’d be a Cup this year. But the herculean efforts of more than 9,000 firefighters, backed by helicopters and 747s turned the tide and the event is on. Rumor has it The Roots will headline.

As sad as it all is and despite the crop loss and damage in Sonoma, Napa and Mendocino counties — California is still set to bring in a record harvest. The warm, dry, long, sunny summer nurtured cannabis of unparalleled quality in 2017. That includes so-called “light dep” grows — quasi-outdoor farming that involves the use of tarps to block out the sun, mimicking long fall nights and forcing flowers to finish by mid-Summer.

The light dep this year, as well as the outdoor harvest outside of affected regions is world-class in 2017, experts say.

And though the wildfires of 2017 seem unparalleled, cannabis farms have been dealing with wildfire for decades. Those who’ve seen that many seasons have some wisdom for the rest of us. The fires move around each year. Each year, different communities bear the brunt of it.

“Ultimately we all suffer and get paid in a cyclical wave,” said Kevin Jodrey, director of the Golden Tarp this November. “That’s the crazy thing about life.”

Here’s what’s trending this weekend in cannabis:

The Golden Tarp — The world’s biggest celebration of “light dep” cannabis, The Golden Tarp returns to Humboldt County Nov. 18th. But this year, the event at the remote Mateel Center in Redway, Calif. will be simulcast in Oakland courtesy of the Blum dispensary. Blum will also carry this year’s Golden Tarp 16 finalists and winner. Last year, 220 entries competed for top honors, and the winner of The Golden Tarp becomes the group to watch at The Emerald Cup and into 2018.

The Washington Post details Martha Stewart’s newfound prominence in pot culture.

Consumer research has found that 11 percent of government workers in Washington, D.C. may have purchased legal marijuana. 37 percent of pot users make over $100,000 in annual income; via Forbes.

A LendEDU poll figures that the average cannabis consumer spends $111.05 per month on pot products; via Central Penn Business Journal.

Singer-songwriter Melissa Etheridge talked to Variety about her first arrest for marijuana possession: “I feel like a rock star now.”

The Walking Dead star Cooper Andrews appeared on the season premiere of Cannabis Planet to explain his personal benefits from medicinal use.

Truck and Barter features independent American makers and is based out of Petaluma, Calif. One hundred percent of profits from their $36, laser-cut California Dreamin' necklace goes to local fire relief funds. And it's pretty. These 16-inch gold-plated brass necklaces are back-ordered three to five weeks and the wait is about to get longer.

Miley Cyrus rated her various stoned moments while appearing on a segment of James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke; via Toofab. Miley was at a [10] during the Wrecking Ball video. Minute 7:30.

Opioid-related deaths in Colorado fell dramatically since the state legalized recreational use; via Washington Post.


Kiva Petra
courtesy of Kiva
Kiva Petras are 2.5 mg each

STRAIN: Pennywise the clown is currently terrorizing audiences in theaters, but Pennywise the Indica strain does its best to heal users with a cross between Jack the Ripper and the CBD flower Harlequin. Courtesy North Coast Growers. EDIBLE: Kiva Confections’ Petra mints are perfect for a quick microdose and breath freshener. Available in Eucalyptus and Moroccan Mint flavors. TOPICAL: Take that romantic weekend getaway to another level with Pop the Bubbly, THC-infused bubble bath from Southern California company High Gorgeous. Each bottles contains 20 standard doses of THC. Soaking in the Bubbly can treat tired, sore muscles and user report it can also pack a body buzz.

Men’s Journal tried out the first CBD-infused pain cream approved by the FDA, which ended up providing mediocre results.

The upcoming Los Angeles EastSide Food Festival originally made plans for a special cannabis section, but compliance issues forced the event to downgrade to a cooking demonstration; via LA Eater.

Andy Williams, CEO of Colorado pot shop chain Medicine Man, wrote about incorporating a micro-dosed cannabis bar into his wedding reception; via Leafly.

California’s devastating wildfires are slowly reaching containment, although several lives and cannabis businesses have been profoundly affected. Ongoing coverage continues on GreenState.

As Louisiana moves closer to launching their medical program, only two doctors have applied for licenses to dispense medicinal cannabis; via


Vice’s TV station Vicelandhas a show called Weediquette which returned this week with a season debut about pregnant moms who smoke cannabis to control crippling nausea.

Comedian Patton Oswalt returns after the death of his wife with sharp political and cultural observations in his new Netflix special, Annihilation.

South Park fans will absolutely fawn over the new video game, South Park: The Fractured But Whole. Expect the same hilarity from the show packed into an impressively developed RPG.

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