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October 6, 2017
hmbldt 50
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hmbldt 50
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Your weekend guide to cannabis culture | from the desk of cannabis editor David Downs

Good afternoon!

I made my first cannabis flower bouquet this week and it turned out great.

This year I’m growing Galactic Jack. The three small plants on the back porch weren’t getting any bigger, or more fragrant or potent under the San Francisco fog — so it was time to harvest them.

After cleaning them up a bit — cutting back some leaves that had powdery mildew on them — I refashioned a $5 bundle of street vendor flowers into a bouquet with the cannabis in the center.

After a morning of enjoying how they looked, it was time to hang them up in the drying room for at least 10 days, followed by about two weeks of curing to perfection. We'll have to make a different floral arrangement then.

Hopefully it's the start of a new tradition. Happy harvesting! — David Downs

Galactic Jack birthday bouquet.​
David Downs
Galactic Jack birthday bouquet.

Here’s what’s trending this weekend in cannabis:

Denver hosts The Great American Beer Festival starting today — so GreenState whipped up a guide to day-tripping downtown Denver’s cannabis-rich “Green Mile”.

A prominent hemp-derived CBD company, CW Hemp, will speak at Google’s New York office Oct. 13.

While discussing a current case involving a pop-up strip club at a vacant residential house, the AP reports that Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan reminisced over her past experiences as a partygoer: “I can say that long, long ago, marijuana was maybe present at those parties…”

Rock and Roll legend Tom Petty passed away on Monday after suffering a full cardiac arrest. The Cannabist remembers Petty by listing his finest weed-influenced songs and moments. . . . The world also lost yet another major cultural icon in Playboy magazine publisher Hugh Hefner. Close friend and NORML founder Keith Stroup laments Hef’s passing: “Hefner was a fearless cultural crusader who believed deeply not just in the right to sexual freedom, but also in civil rights and the right to privacy. May he rest in peace.”

In an interview with Uproxx, folk rocker David Crosby champions the tradition of smoking pot and putting on a record: “I think a lot of the great music was written by people who may have been herbally enhanced at the time.”

The SF Chronicle takes a look back at the Haight-Ashbury hippie counterculture 50 years after its demise.

Rapper Wiz Khalifa wore a pro-legalization t-shirt and pretended to smoke a joint while throwing out the first pitch at a Pittsburgh Pirates game.

Vogue Magazine debates whether cannabis is a wellness product, or merely an intoxicant: “According to a growing number of experts, it can be either, depending on who you are and your mental history…”

A European medical journal details the case of a woman whose cannabis use induced spontaneous orgasms for months; via Merry Jane.

San Francisco’s latest workout craze known as Ganja Yoga combines two effective methods of relieving stress. Hatha yoga instructor Dee Dussault’s program has expanded across the bay and now offers weekly classes in Oakland at $25 per session.

STRAIN: One hit wonder singer Afroman just released his own trademark strain, Palmdale Purp, which should feel equally as wonderful after one hit. Available at Lake Tahoe’s NuLeaf dispensary. EDIBLE: Add a sweet taste of medication to just about anything with a dab of THC-infused local desert honey by Flourish Cannabis. VAPE: Looking to get lit without all the hassle of rolling joints or owning glass? The award-winning vape company hmbldt is releasing a new half-sized disposable vape pens, hmbldt 50, preloaded with 50 doses for your convenience.

hmbldt 50
via hmbldt

The Dolores Park Truffle Man is going legit after over a decade of illegally selling pot chocolates to park goers; via GreenState.

The San Francisco Chronicle spotlights the Bay Area’s latest food trend of rolled ice cream.

GreenState’s Kerry Reynolds reports that California’s annual wildfire season has tainted tons of locally grown cannabis, which is shipped out and sold in unregulated markets throughout the nation: “Smoke-exposed crops are more susceptible to disease, leading to unhealthy levels of mold, mildew and fungus.”


Blade Runner 2024

Ridley Scott’s 1982 sci-fi masterpiece Blade Runner now has an ambitious sequel in Blade Runner 2049, starring Ryan Gosling and directed by Denis Vilanueve of Sicario and Arrival fame.

Xbox One’s new completely hand-drawn video game Cuphead takes inspiration from 1930s cartoons and turns it into one of the most eye-catching sidescrollers in years. Also available on PC.

@FlourishCanna -- infused baking products perfect for stocking any pantry.
@foremanfarms — This new California pre-roll company officially carries Gorilla Glue 4 strains.
@cannabusgroup — Sort of like a taco truck or a ice cream truck, but for medical marijuana. Sighted in San Francisco. Not technically legal.

best wishes for rewarding weekend, david downs + oscar pascual