Weekend Playlist: Cafe Flore; Lowell Farms' pre-rolls; 'Mother'

October 9, 2017
courtesy of Lowell Farms SOURCE: courtesy of Lowell Farms

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We’re catching our breath after shipping GreenState’s biggest ever print section Sunday to really great reviews. Even though we’re a lifestyle media brand, the 32-page section was all business — with a theme of ‘produce’; as in producers, production, productivity, and agricultural produce.

We wanted to showcase a slice of the $21 billion in cannabis economy helping power California’s dynamism. But we also wanted to show how cannabis — contrary to critics’ assertions — can align with mainstream American culture.

It’s part of America’s DNA to be obsessed with being productive and making money. And when you showcase the intersection of cannabis and work and profit, I think it challenges decades of dogma that says cannabis is intrinsically tied to sloth and profligacy.

Challenging dogma and better reflecting reality is part of GreenState’s mission to present a ‘fresh look’ at cannabis, and we’re just getting started.

And now that California Blooming is out — I’m ready to re-charge my batteries for a minute. Work hard — play hard. — David Downs

Here’s what’s trending this week in cannabis:

The Emerald Cup 2017 — The world’s largest outdoor organic cannabis competition is closing early bird ticket sales soon, and hotels always sell out. The massive event in Santa Rosa, Calif. is the ultimate place to stock up on seeds for 2018, and do some Christmas shopping for the cannabis fans in your life. Dec. 9-10. $60 - $400.

High-flying cannabis delivery company Eaze announced an additional $27 million in Series B financing today, led by Bailey Capital. Bailey also joined Eaze’s board of directors, and has invested in vape maker PAX Labs, High Times, and pot shop chain MedMen. Eaze is doing 120,000 deliveries per month.

The new season of the Amazon Prime original seriesThe Marijuana Show” will examine the Los Angeles cannabis industry. The show that’s been described as a “Shark Tank for pot” is now in its third season.

GreenState’s special print section ‘California Blooming!’ dove into: the corporate exodus to cannabis country; Nine tech companies touching cannabis; one of the state’s biggest harvests.


Courtesy of Miwak
Courtesy of Miwak
Miwak’s Andean Volcanoes series — mixed-clay, one-of-kind.

Looking for a smoking accessory a bit classier than glass? A ceramic Miwak pipe might be better suited for the occasion.

Pro-cannabis designer Alexander Wang’s show at this year’s New York Fashion Week was compared by critics to the disastrous Fyre music festival.

And the Luxury Marketing Council of San Francisco has announced a Luxe Cannabis Society that funnels members toward products from local, chic retailer HerbaBuena.


Sunset Magazine delivered a glorious guide to using cannabis in your landscaping adventures. “They don’t call cannabis ‘weed’ for nothing. An aggressive and prolific plant, its size and stature can be overwhelming for some gardens.” . . . Related: a loving son on Reddit posted a photo of his mom’s impressive landscaping work this year.


Lowell Farms
courtesy of Lowell Farms
Lowell Farms’ packaging is second to none.

STRAIN: Lowell Farms’ pre-rolled joints may come packaged like a commercial cigarette, but are packed full of organic, sun-grown flower from California. . . . EDIBLE:
Jambo superfoods are going against the grain of traditional sweet edibles with the world’s first THC and CBD-infused paleo edibles. . . . SUBLINGUAL: Looking for a discreet, non-smokeable way to medicate? Try some infused sublingual strips from Kin Slips.

GreenState’s own Ellen Holland sees how some of California’s best new vape pens pair with a busy workday.

GreenState also has a guide to buying great cannabis produce this harvest season.

And GreenState’s review of San Francisco cannabis cocktail bar Cafe Flore is turning into a big hit with readers.

Cannabis-infused organic lollipops from the company Half Lit come with a seed in the middle to grow your own plant after satisfying your sweet tooth.

GreenState went inside California’s leading cannabis chocolatier — Kiva Confections — for a mouth-watering photo gallery.

A budget deal between President Trump, Rep. Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Chuck Schumer also included an extension of Congressional medical cannabis protections.

Nevada cities can license pot lounges, after a finding from the state’s Legislative Counsel Bureau.

The historically conservative California desert city San Bernardino awarded its first ever dispensary license to the current address of the town’s only strip club.

What's Wrong with My Marijuana Plant? — By David Deardorff and Kathryn Wadsworth. . . .The Cannabis Grow Bible 3rd Edition — By Greg Green


Mother!: Director Darren Aronofsky’s latest film starring Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem promises to be a complex psychological thriller intended for a select audience.

Destiny 2: Bungie’s latest installment of the beloved franchise takes gamers out to the cosmos once again to shoot aliens and search for the deadliest weapons.

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