Weekend Playlist: Atlas Edibles; Pax ERA w/ Jetty Pods; 'Loving Vincent'

October 11, 2017
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Good afternoon!

All across North America, outdoor cannabis plants are switching from growing, to blooming -- getting thicker, prettier and more aromatic. That includes my back porch, where four of the five plants are now showing as female, which is the more valuable of the cannabis sexes.

A couple hours north, two gardens I’ve started for my friends’ retired dads are also in bloom. The gardens’ growth has been so explosive, it’s shocked the dads. Weed grows like a weed, indeed. But it can seem miraculous.

This personal joy more and more folks are finding in cannabis gardening contrasts with the high anxiety of commercial growers. Experts tell me many veteran farmers are hanging up their hoses, having done the math and concluded the legal markets are beyond their reach. As prices continue to fall, the black market offers less and less consolation.

It strikes me that we’re witnessing the democratization of pot cultivation; the end of an era for many working farmers, but just the beginning for the rest of us. —David Downs

Here’s what’s trending this week in cannabis:


Communion: Ganja Yoga Fall Retreat -- Ganja Yoga founder Dee Dussault leads all-levels yoga with “literally all you wish-to-consume complimentary top-shelf cannabis” on a private property in the Yosemite foothills; plus massages, hiking and hot-tubbing. Sept. 28. $459-$689.


For the Chronicle/Gary Fountain, November 3, 2012)
Gary Fountain
Olivia Newton-John performing at the Houston Children’s Charity gala in 2012.

Over two decades after her original battle with breast cancer, singer Olivia Newton-John used medical marijuana to help with pain during treatment this summer; via Daily Telegraph.

Netflix sold nearly 30 pounds of their TV series-inspired marijuana line at a Los Angeles pop-up shop; via AdWeek.


Conde Nast Traveler profiles the world’s most haute head shop -- Tokyo Smoke located in Toronto.

GreenState broke the news that San Francisco artist Jeremy Fish’s new designer vape pens “Fish Tanks” debuted in Bay Area stores.


GreenState is re-sharing Northern California cannabis farmer Sean Whaling (aka “Soil Bae”), who’s racked up more than four million social media views by ecstatically dancing while shirtless on the pot farm. (“Bae” is slang for boyfriend. Soil Bae is a derivation of “Salt Bae” -- which refers to an attractive man who went viral on the internet in 2017 for the way he suavely applied his salt.)


Pax Era with Jetty pods
Courtesy of Jetty Extracts
The Pax ERA with Jetty pods.

STRAIN: Phat Panda “Golden Pineapple” -- Washington’s top-selling varietal is an energetic cross of the strains Golden Goat and Pineapple Kush. Light and fruity! . . . EDIBLE: Atlas Edibles “Stratus” -- These blueberry, lemon & poppy seeds clusters took second place trophy in the NorCal Cannabis Cup 2017. . . . HARDWARE: PAX Era with Jetty Extracts -- Small, chic and powerful, PAX Era vape pens now pair with disposable “pods” from California’s best extract artists -- including Jetty Extracts.


Fresh on GreenState: Just down the street from Twitter, the Urban Pharm dispensary is a vision of cannabis clubbing.

Tommy Chong-brand pre-rolled joints are available now, but might only be worth the novelty; via GreenState.


Leave it to Teen Vogue to deftly debunk five common myths about marijuana; from laziness to cancer.


GreenState exclusive! Renowned Chef Payton Curry has launched a new vegetarian cannabis restaurant in San Francisco called Cannavore.

Nature hikes and sound baths are redefining weed marketing in California; via GreenState.

And Lake Tahoe, Nevada got its first recreational dispensary; via GreenState.


Washington teen weed use has not climbed post-legalization; via AP.

A new review claimed cannabis use raises high blood pressure death risk by three-fold. But GreenState discovered many flaws in the review -- for example, if you smoked pot once 30 years ago, researchers counted you as a 30-year user.

Grow Your Own — by Nicole Graf, Micah Sherman, David Stein, and Liz Krane. . . . Marijuana Harvest — by Ed Rosenthal and GreenState editor David Downs. . . . Cooking with Herb — by Cedella Marley of the Marley family. . . . Cannabis for Chronic Pain — by Dr. Rav Ivker


Loving Vincent — The first all-painted feature film. . . . Grass — An indie film with atypical cannabis consumers. I’m reminded of Waiting for Godot. . . . Woodshock — A-lister Kirsten Dunst is mentally adrift in cannabis country. Trippy! Heavy!

@jettysushi — Cannabis and sushi pairings? Sure - why not.
@phatpanda — The hottest flower cultivator from Washington.
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